Where can I go from your spirit?

I grapple with living in the Spirit as a stay at home mom. While I know at the time I made the decision to stay at home it was a call, the day to day challenges of kindness, grace, mercy and patience seem to be as elusive to me now as when I was working full time and mothering.

As for time for a connection with God, those quiet moments to pray, to journal and to reflect seem farther away than ever before. I wonder if I’m being faithful. I wonder if those charitable qualities would flow much more freely if I found time to center myself in a daily discipline.

Even as I wonder, even as I yearn for more energy to do all that I would like to, I still am aware that somehow God is connected to this life I’m leading.   That in living life as a frail and imperfect human being I am learning and I am connected to the deeper things of the spirit. That in living in the moments that this life brings, I’m experiencing the abundant life that Christ has promised as I live into the grace that emerges in every day living.

Join me as I reflect and share with you my story of being a mother, a human being and a follower of God.


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