The heart of the matter…

LandscapeI have a love hate relationship with twitter and other forms of social media. I’m amazed at all the conversations that go on and the inexhaustible ocean of information stokes the flames of my insatiable curiosity. It’s hard for me to put down the iPad as I find one more reason to be incensed by the political dramas that play themselves out in the twitterverse.

There are times when I’m overwhelmed by the noise as I try to wade through the material always looking for meaningful stuff. But far too often I find myself distracted from my every day life in ways that I regret later.

So I begin to wonder about pressing the delete button on the alternate universe that is my social media life. And then I read something as powerful as this piece on forgiveness and I’m reminded that sometimes it is worth combing through all of the noise.

The blogosphere is just another opportunity for us to share with others a little bit of who we are, in the hopes that we can connect with others in ways that are both supportive and challenging on this road to becoming human.

Social media has it’s downfalls.  Most times what’s out there is messy even downright hurtful, but even in the midst of all  of that distracting noise, we get an opportunity to glimpse hope and healing. Social media can open us to community.

Navigating through the streets of my city is not so different than figuring out my way through this new world of social media. There are things and stories that distract and keep me focused on insignificant things and then in the midst of that daily life, I’m presented with a story, a shared moment, that take me deeper into the world of community and spirit as together another human being and I discover what it means to share this humanity with one another.

I don’t know about you but I yearn for those times when we get to authentic relationship with one another. Not the outward appearance that we project to the world for our protection and our safety, but those times when we connect in ways that get us to the heart of the matter, genuine and authentic relationship.

You and I are just trying to figure it all out. In the midst of it there is a lot of noise that drowns out those moments in which we can get to the heart of the matter. Then someone comes a long in a moment in time shares from the depths of who they are and we are both changed.



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