As the grains of wheat…

My stand mixer stopped working about a month ago. I didn’t put much store in it being resurrected. Even so, with hope in my heart, I took it to our local appliance repair shop.

I was so excited when I arrived home from an extended absence to see it resting in its place on the counter. The very next morning, I started the machine and happily it worked. It might not have sounded like it should and setting one and setting two seemed to be pretty much the same, but still, it was working.

I promptly started a batch of homemade bread.

Before adding the bulk of the flour, I had to shut off that machine to see my daughter out the door on her way to school. When I got back to the serious business of making bread, that temperamental piece of equipment no longer worked, forcing me to resort to the old fashioned method of doing it by hand.

I turned the dough out onto my flour covered counter and found my body easily falling into the ancient rhythm of kneading. I hadn’t made bread that way in a long time.

Surprisingly, it felt good.

As I put my whole body into the practice of kneading I found some peace from the thoughts of my restless mind. As my hands pushed and pulled the dough in the dance I had forgotten, I felt connected to something greater than me, greater than my family who would partake in fresh baked morsels that I was preparing for them.

In a moment, I felt connected with all the people before me who had moved their body to the same rhythm. I felt connected to the God who had kneaded me together in my mother’s womb. I felt connected to all living things included the grains of wheat that were ground into the flour that dusted my hands, arms and face.

I began to see and feel the connections between the ordinary tasks of life and the extraordinary task of becoming human.

As my rough edges are being softened in milling process of life, as I myself am being stretched and pulled into a bond of community, as together that community of faith gives rise to tasty morsels of sweet communion, as God gives new shape and new life to us all, I am finding peace in these ordinary tasks that connect us in sacred ways to the One who creates and is creating.

And I’m thankful that I too, am a part of that miracle.


2 thoughts on “As the grains of wheat…

  1. Thanks for this. I make bread regularly and find it to be an enriching and rewarding experience. So nice to work with your hands, to feel a real result, to make a difference in a small way…

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