A quiet hush

3192604250_1e0af988d0_oWe got our first big snowfall last weekend. The kids were quite excited and it was fun watching them discover again all of the things that you can do with newly fallen snow. As I was going about getting lunch ready for the hungry adventurers, I found myself surprised by the longing to don my ski pants and head outside to make fresh prints in the white blanket covering the ground.

You see, as I’m getting older, I’m finding the long winters to be more wearing on me, so it is with a bit of surprise that I’m finding a certain satisfaction with having snow on the ground.

This year seems different because with the snow has come a sensation of a quiet hush which brings out in me a desire to turn inward to the life of the Spirit and pay attention to the restlessness that has haunted me throughout my life. I’m finding that quiet hush to be a call to the sacredness of turning toward God, expecting the fullness of the life of the Spirit in the midst of this everyday life that can be so distracting.

So during the busyness of this advent season, I find I’m yearning for some peace, some silence and a longing to turn again to scripture, to journaling, to reading and to song to centre and direct me as I pay attention again to the restlessness that drives me and at the same time distances me from being truly present in my life.

I haven’t written on my blog in a long time, but during this upcoming season of advent, I want to explore the still small voice inside and reflect on just what it means to be a person who is always waiting and forever longing for those better days when the world is right; when the vast interior landscape no longer overwhelms me with it’s sorrow in the midst of an otherwise satisfying and contented life.

Join me on this journey through advent, and perhaps together we can prepare ourselves for the coming of love into our restlessness and experience the peace of Christ.


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