Times they are a changing

I’ve been thinking that I need to change the name of my blog since beginning a new 40% call about two months ago. I’m back at work and thought that with this change, the name of my blog might not be as reflective as it once was.

The thing is, as I’ve been thinking of possible new names, I had to admit that the purpose of the blog hasn’t changed so much. As before, I still need to balance what I consider my two callings in life. My blog reflects the reality of being a parent and my life as pastor however that takes shape.

Since “The Stay at Home Pastor” is what happens much of the time, for now I’m going to keep the same blog name .

Alarm clock

You may see more sermons on here and as I grapple with life as a pastor who is employed but you will also continue to see what you are used to getting from me, where I reflect on God’s presence in the midst of ordinary life circumstances.

My prayer is that through sharing a little bit of my reflections, you too may see God in the midst of the ordinary of our daily lives.

(Photo by Hartlepool Cultural Services and found at https://flic.kr/p/9zRggr.)


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